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    This may be the last dog bed you will ever buy !!!

    dogcheapsleeps .com


    A Little about us.

    After our dogs destroyed thousands of dollars of dog beds, we decided to create our own. Using our personal experience with messy large dogs who love to chew, we  designed a bed that has exceeded our expectations.


    We have created the most durable bed on the market.

    • Made using marine industrial grade vinyl.
    • Velcro closure sewn into cover to prevent chewing.
    • Easy clean up with sponge and disinfectant.
    • For larger messes (whelping,potty training) simply take outside and spray with hose.


    What makes our beds so unique from other dog beds? They are truly the only comfortable waterproof dog beds available. Dogs LOVE our beds! So, let them sleep on it, drool on it, and lounge on it.

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